We render the following peer review services:

  • Peer Review for Center firms
  • PRP firms
  • Monitoring and inspection services
  • SEC engagement quality review (EQR)
  • Design of quality control documents


Peer Review of Berkower, LLC

Please find the peer review of Berkower, LLC here: PEER REVIEW.   As performed by Smolin Lupin, CPA in August 2012.  If you have any questions regarding this peer review, please feel free to contact us.


We Understand Your Practice . . . 

At Berkower, L.L.C., our practice is concentrated in serving small and medium-sized clients.  We serve our clients through personal contact and involvement by our principals.

We believe that our approach is similar to that of many small and medium-sized accounting firms.  We understand the practical problems faced in everyday practice – dealing with clients, meeting deadlines, and producing a quality work product within the constraints of time pressure and fee limitations.  We also understand the competitive nature of our profession and the need to make a profit.  Our extensive understanding of the realities of everyday practice provides us with a special insight into your practice.

We Have Qualified Personnel . . . 

The peer review process is an area that demands specialized knowledge. During the last ten years, Berkower, L.L.C. has given special attention to developing peer review expertise among designated principals and associates.  Our people who are assigned to peer review engagements have collectively participated in more than 300 on-site peer reviews.

We Issue Management Comments . . .

Peer Review is an expensive process and it is important that it produce more than just an opinion.  Why should you be any different than our other clients who insist on advice and cost saving ideas as an important by-product of the annual audit?

We furnish our Peer Review clients with separate management comments covering business operations – with ideas and observations regarding personnel, fringe benefits, scheduling, practice development, collections, and other areas.  Because of the practice-oriented background of our reviewers and the similarity in our practice approach, our suggestions are practical and relevant to your practice.  You benefit from the experience of our reviewers and their knowledge of what has actually worked in other situations.


Our Fees Are Reasonable:

Our billing rates compare favorably with those of other firms, and our staff of principals and associates work with efficiency learned through many years of experience in the Peer Review process. This allows us to provide additional services – like management comments.

. . . but you do not have to take our word for it.

We will be happy to furnish you with references of other firms that have used Berkower, L.L.C. for Peer Review services.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.